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The Long Story of Blue, The Flower Truck

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

We get asked a lot about where we found Blue. It was actually a pretty sweet story!

In December 2020, we had been looking for a classic Chevy for 4 months at that point. I was looking on Craigslist one day. I saw the listing for Blue on Craigslist, Redding, California. There was no picture but the description fit exactly what we were looking for. So we called the phone number on the listing. An older gentleman answered the phone and we chatted for a while. He told us that he is in his 80s and had the truck for over 20 years and that he bought the truck from Lewiston, Idaho.

We asked if we could see some pictures and he offered to MAIL us the pictures, not email. Actual slow snail mail and he did!

We got the pictures in the mail and decided we wanted to look at the truck in person. We called the number back multiple times and left a couple messages but no one answered. So we thought the owner sold it and I threw away the pictures in the trash.

Well, a month later, the gentleman called us back and asked if we were still interested since he didn’t hear from us. He waited for us even though he had gotten multiple inquires. He wanted the truck to come back to Idaho. That was a clear scenario of miscommunication.

Josh from Axtell’s Customs flew down to California with a one-way plane ticket, looked at the truck and drove it all the way back.

It took us 4 months to restore the truck and the rest is history. That’s what you see today- Blue, the Posy Blue flower truck💙!


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