• Roni

How To Make a Dried Flower Crown & Wreath Ornament

Dried Flower Crown

Thank you everyone who had joined me at the Dried Flower Crown workshop at the Pinners Conference. Here is a 6-minute video tutorial on how to make a dried flower crown with a dried flower crown kit from Posy Blue.

There are many different ways to make a flower crown. This technique of using floral tape can be applied to fresh flowers as well. You can purchase a kit from Posy Blue or any of these items from a craft store.

Supplies Needed:

- Dried flowers

- 2 Floral wires (18 gauge)

- Floral tape (0.5" wide)

- A pair of scissors

- Hot glue (optional but very helpful)


Dried Flower Wreath Ornament

Here is a short 40 second video to show you how I made a dried flower wreath ornament with hot glue. It's a very simple but fun craft. This is a craft that you can do with your kiddos. Just help them with the hot glue and they can design the ornament.

Supplies Needed:

- Dried flowers

- 3" mini grapevine wreath

- Hot glue

- 8-10" tie or ribbon

Flower crown and ornament kits are available for purchase upon request. I also offer private group classes. Send us a message if you are interested. Hope you enjoy these videos!