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Hi there! I'm Roni (pronounced ron-nee). I like to call myself a modern florist. I believe that there are better flowers than imported carnations and red roses. Posy Blue is not your typical flower shops, where you could order the same old arrangement that looks exactly like the pictures on their website year round. My designs are unique. They are seasonal and designer's choice only so that I can bring and showcase the best seasonal and American grown flowers to you. 


Not only beautiful, but flowers also bring powerful emotions and sentiment. I shared a personal story of mine here. I believe that where our flowers come from matters. Did you know that 80% of all cut flowers sold in the US today are imported? They have traveled thousands of miles to get here. Just like produce, local and American grown flowers are of a higher quality and are more sustainable to the environment. Posy Blue sources our flowers and greenery from my own cut flower garden and greenhouse and locally whenever possible. When local flowers are limited in the winter, we source them directly from flower farms in California and Oregon. Every stem at Posy Blue is 100% American grown. Guaranteed.

It is truly the best feeling when my clients trust me to enhance their floral vision and bring it to life with seasonal and sustainably grown flowers. Whether it's a wedding or an everyday arrangement, you can count on us to deliver a stress-free experience from start to finish.

I'm proud to be different than a traditional florist and offer something unique. Thank you for being here! I look forward to meeting or hearing from you! If I can help you with your flower needs in any way, please don't hesitate to send me a message here and let's chat!

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